FICIX was founded by Eunet Finland Oy, HTC (Helsinki Telephone Company) and PTT (Posts and Telecommunications), which made an agreement on interconnecting finnish IP networks. Hardware used for interconnecting and peering was a 10Base-2 hub initially, soon replaced by 10Base-T switch. Membercount end of period 3 and peak traffic 3Mbps.


In May Ethernet technology was changed to ATM technology, which proved to be reliable. Port speed at this time was STM1 (155 Mbps). Membercount end of period 8 and peak traffic 30Mbps.


FICIX2, the second IXP location at downtown Helsinki, saw the daylight. Hardware was updated to support STM4-ATM, 622Mbps port speed. Membercount end of period 12 and peak traffic 100Mbps.


FICIX was re-organised as an association named as Finnish Communication and Internet Exchange, FICIX. Membercount end of period 13 and peak traffic 1Gbps.


Both exchange points start to use Ethernet technology again, now gigabit Ethernet, and well worked ATM technology was abandoned. Also FICIX-1 in Espoo location got a root DNS server, i.root-servers.net was installed in cooperation with Swedish Autonomica AB. Membercount end of period 18 and peak traffic 3Gbps.


k.root-servers.net was installed in FICIX-2, Helsinki. This was done in cooperation with RIPE NCC. Membercount end of period 22 and peak traffic 8Gbps.


FICIX1 switch at Espoo is upgraded to Foundry BigIron MG8. Membercount end of period 22 and peak traffic 10Gbps.


FICIX2 switch at Helsinki is upgraded to Extreme BD8810. Membercount end of period 23 and peak traffic 12Gbps.


Agreement signed with Helsinki Economical University to study various development possibilities for running FICIX as a company. Discussions start about establishing possible third IXP to City of Oulu, Oulu University acting as host. Membercount end of period 24 and peak traffic 16Gbps.


Third IXP location were established to city of Oulu. The root-server at FICIX-3 is j.root-servers.net from Verisign. Membercount end of period 27 and peak traffic 21Gbps.


Agreement signed to renew traffic statistic system completely. Site expansions at Espoo and Oulu for additional racks. New UPS devices for Espoo site. Membercount end of period 28 and peak traffic 25Gbps.


FICIX2 switch and operations agreement extended after competition. Harware upgrades for root-servers. Membercount end of period 27 and peak traffic 35Gbps.


FICIX1 switch agreement extended. Association takes over root-server hardware management. Membercount end of period 27 and peak traffic 36Gbps.


FICIX1 datacenter expansion and complete restructure of infrastructure devices. New agreements for e.x. accounting and insurance. Membercount end of period 28 and peak traffic 36Gbps.


New FICIX1 switch into operation (Brocade MLXe-16). Service agreement for datacenter infrastructures. FICIX host Euro-IX#23 meeting in Helsinki and celebrates it’s 20th year of existence. Membercount end of period 23 and peak traffic 39Gbps.


FICIX2 switch replacement to Extreme X8. 100G ports enter standard pricelist. Hosting for RIPE Atlas Anchor probe. Membercount end of period 26 and peak traffic 55Gbps.


FICIX introduced reseller program for partners.  Root-server upgrades at FICIX2 and FICIX2. FICIX association started to peer with it’s members over the IXP. Membercount end of period 28 and peak traffic 65Gbps.


The reseller program technical capability was created to FICIX1 and FICIX2. Membercount end of period 30.


FICIX introduced Route Server service at FICIX2 and private vlan service for members. Membercount end of period 32 and peak traffic 72Gbps.


FICIX3 switch upgraded to new platform. FICIX2 peering router replacement to Juniper MX104. Membercount end of period 35.


FICIX1 and FICIX2 upgraded to new platforms. j.root-servers.net & gTLD instance was added to FICIX-2. Route Server service was also extended to FICIX1. Membercount end of period 36.


The rules of the association were updated to able to offer services to non-members as well. Membercount end of period 38.


Peak traffic was 153 Gbps and the number of connected networks at the end of the year was 41.


New FICIX1 node was opened in Telia Helsinki Datacenter, Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki.
New FICIX2 node was opened in Equinix HE7 datacenter, Espoo.