Your organisation is welcomed to join FICIX. Please read the following information before sending an application.


Any legally competent society or foundation that approves of the purpose of the association and notifies that it satisfies the terms and conditions for membership and undertakes to comply with the same may be accepted as a full member of the association.


The association does not accept individuals as members. Applications for membership filed by prospective members shall be granted or denied by the executive board of the association.


Terms and conditions of membership:


1. Member has to practise internetworking at associations exchange point

2. The members shall agree upon exchange of traffic by bilateral agreements

3. Only traffic from networks routed by the member itself may be transferred over the internetworking point. The internetworking point must not be used as a default route or for forwarding transit traffic

4. Each member shall make or keep IP network services generally available through the network that has been registered for connection to Internet exchange point

5. No member may be engaged in any activity that is in conflict with Finnish legislation or EU regulations

6. No member may cause any interference in the operation of the access points for interconnecting traffic

7. Each member shall belong to some regional Internet register (RIR), such as RIPE NCC

8. Each member shall have a registered AS number that is active in the common routing table

9. Each member shall make its contact details available to the other members of the Association and accept that they are made public on the Association’s membership page

10. Each member shall hold in confidence any information on the other members that may come to its attention through the activities of the Association

11. Each member shall accept the e-mail as a channel for communications in matters related to the Association

12. Each member shall transmit and receive via the access points for interconnecting traffic at its own risk

13. Any disputes arising between the Association and members should primarily be settled by mutual negotiations or through arbitration by the Finnish Bar Association


When applying the membership, the applicant is committed to complying the rules of the FICIX association. The rules should be read carefully before making an application. Furthermore, the applicant is required to deliver the contact information by using FICIX’s contact template.