Quick introduction to applying membership in FICIX.

Before sending an application:

1. Read the rules of FICIX association carefully (Fin) (Eng)

2. Check the membership requirements specified in the rules.

– The demands for membership are non-negotiable.

3. Check the costs generated by FICIX.

– The direct costs.

– The indirect costs (cables, equipment etc.)

Making an application:

4. Fill in the contact template (docx) (pdf)

5. Fill in the application form.

– Notice that it must be signed by a procuration holder(s).

6. Fill in the FICIX Agreement to order services.

Delivering the application:

7. Email or post the application to the address given below. The membership application is processed by the board of FICIX, which handle the application without delay. The board informs the applicant when membership is active.




Peering related information (as quidelines how to establish good peerings)

General FICIX-peering agreement (doc)

Peering etiquette v1 (doc)

Where to deliver the application?

The application must be signed by a procuration holder(s) of the applicant. Electronic signing accepted. The application with contact information shall be sent to FICIX association using the following email address:

Applicant may send paper copy of the membership application to the following address:

P.O.Box 146
00180 Helsinki