What is FICIX?

FICIX is the biggest IXP at Finland. Organised as an association it is membership based, not-for-profit, equal and neutral peering point. FICIX operate five sites, FICIX1 at Espoo and Telia Helsinki Data Center, FICIX2 at Helsinki and Equinix HE7, and FICIX3 at Oulu. All sites are equipped with carrier-class switching equipment and Internet root-servers.

An Internet exchange point (IXP) is a physical location through which Internet infrastructure companies such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Content Delivery Netwoks (CDNs) connect with each others.


FICIX welcomes all carriers, ISP's, content providers, datacenters and enteprises to join the community. Joining is easy and affordable. Apply membership by sending email to contact address and we take of the rest. List of connected networks.


FICIX operate layer-2 switching platforms to interconnect various IP networks together. FICIX switches use EVPN/VXLAN technology and support 10G and 100G port speeds. Find more about: FICIX technology, AS60116 peering

CIP & Regulatory

FICIX is part of national critical infrastructure. The association is committed to keep internetworking hardware, it's premises and operations at a level that support high standards for resilience and useability. FICIX take actively part in Public-Private-Partnership -work for the good of the Internet.

Remote Peering

If you don't have connections or infrastructure in place near the FICIX-sites, you can easily connect and peer remotely using any Ficix reseller-partner!
Please get in touch and we can tell you more. Current resellers listed here: Partners.